Leather Sofa Repairs Ireland

Wednesday, June 1st, 2016

Leather Doctor Ireland the Sofa Repair man fix furniture Ireland at Home for Sofa retailers and Couch manufacturers Ireland. the Sofa Repair man Fermanagh repair recliner chairs and Sofas Cavan. Our Leather repairs Ulster are best used for worn leather on sofas.

How dose the Sofa Repair man make an invisible repair to leather. Well we repair cuts and scuffs to leather sofas with our specialized kits and use the same dyes and products as those used to tan your leather chair. We have trained to repair scratches to leather at the tannery by the Tanners. Even a hole in the seat of a leather chair can be repaired invisible.

Cleaning Leather Suites Fermanagh/Cavan is best done by a professional. You must clean a Leather Sofa with the right leather cleaner for your Leather chair. How to tell what Leather your Sofa is covered with. You need to know if it is Analine Leather Pull up Leather or Wax Leather. The Water test is the simple and easy way to test leather Ireland. Always test leather in a hidden area. Often there is a leather sample under the seat cushions of you sofa use this to make your leather test Fermanagh. Now with your Leather sample in hand drip some water on to its surface and see if it sits on the surface or soaks in. Rule of thumb the longer it sits on the surface the the more treatment the hide has. The quicker the water soaks in the more natural the Leather.

Care for your leather sofa Enniskillen. Keep your leather Chairs Cavan out of the Sun as this will damage the Leather. Do not place the leather sofa too close to the radiators as this will dry out the leather .

Care for your Leather Sofa and it will give you years of comfort and beauty.

Invisible mending on leather sofas and chairs

Invisible mending on leather sofas and chairs

Sinking Seats on Sofa Ireland

Saturday, May 28th, 2016

My friends Couch is Leather and in good condition except for one of the Sofa seat cushions which is sinking and lower than the other seat cushions.

Question ? Can a sagging Chair seat be repaired at Home. Well yes a Sagging Sofa Seat can be repaired at home by the Sofa Repair man Ireland. Even a Fixed seat cushion in Fabric or Leather.

What is the cause of a sinking sofa seat Cavan. This can be one of two things . Seat foam failure or a broken seat spring . Sometimes Sofa frame broken might be the cause.

Every Couch can be repaired at home saving you time and money.

Below we are fitting new Seat Webbing to a Sofa Seat to make the Couch seat comfortable . I recommend Sofa repair for all Couches including , Natuzzi Harvey Norman Cost Plus Sofas DFS Harveys and comfilux.

Seat Support Repairs

Seat Support Repairs

Leather Sofa Repair

Friday, May 6th, 2016

Leather Sofa Repair at Home is best left to a Professional Upholsterer who has the know how and experience to perform an expert repair to your Leather Sofa or Chair. Your Leather Repair Man should be able to tell apart different Leathers and Leather finishes.

Leather Repair in Ireland or Irish Leather Repair would include re-sewing split seams and re-stitching sewing that has come undone. Where Leather is torn or ripped Leather a new Leather panel can be cut and sewn in. As a Leather Doctor Ireland re-colouring faded Leather is a real skill . So colour mixing Leather dyes to match your Leather recliner chair is a priority of your Leather technician.

What about invisible Leather mending? this is a great way to save money on Sofa Repairs these Leather repairs to cuts scuffs and tears as well as pet damage to leather can be repaired at home. Saving you time and money.

Cleaning and conditioning Leather Sofas is a great way to make your Leather Sofa look and feel like new . You can by Leather care kits with Leather Cleaner and conditioner but it is best left to a Leather technician Fermanagh to give your Leather Chair a deep clean. this will leave your Leather sofa Ireland feeling soft and supple. Also this will extend the life of the Leather hide on your Sofa. Knowing what type of Leather you are cleaning is very important as use of the wrong products or cleaner will ruin your Leather. Again the type of finish to your Leather is important to know is it Analine or semi Analine the use of the wrong cleaner or cleaning method could be a disaster for your Leather Couch.

Last of all some simple tricks will keep your Leather Couch looking good for longer . Keep it out of the Sun. Do not let pets claws scratch your Leather wipe the dust off with a clean dry white cloth and sit in the centre of the cushions.

Professional Results Leather Cleaning

Professional Results Leather Cleaning

Top Class Leather Cleaning & Restoration

Top Class Leather Cleaning & Restoration

Upholstery Ireland

Wednesday, May 4th, 2016

Reupholstery Ireland has a long tradition and is suitable for Couches and Sofas from Sofa retailers Harvey Norman or Italian Sofa manufacturers Natuzzi. If your D F S Sofa is looking a bit tired or has a sagging Sofa seat then reupholstery Northern Ireland or part sofa repair is worth while.

Some times it is just the upholstery fabric or upholstery leather that has pet damage or accidental damage. This can be repaired at home along with cushion refilling or new foam cushions and sofa frame repairs. You can make your Harveys Sofa look like new.

Will Sofa repair at home save me money answer well yes it costs less than a new couch or couch reupholstery and it keeps your sofa looking like new just like the Chairs in this photo before & after. Smart Sofa Repair Fermanagh are experts in at home sofa repair.

.Leather chair care

New Foam cushions for Leather or Fabric Sofa

Saturday, April 30th, 2016

This is a simple cheap and effective sofa fix and any chair can be repaired at Home.  We have refilled cushions on Sofas from Harvey Norman DFS Natuzzi and many other large retailers in the customers Home. Even fixed seat cushions can be ” Boosted ” giving a tired sagging Sofa that New look and comfortable feel.

Cushion re-pading

Cushion re-pading

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Wednesday, April 29th, 2015

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