Sinking Sofa Seat & Spring Repair

The cause of sinking seats in sofas and chairs is either seat foam failure or a broken chair spring or webbing. Some times, though not often, frame failure can be the culprit.

Seat Support Repairs

Seat Support Repairs using Stretch Elastic Webbing

A broken sofa seat spring is easy to spot. There will be a noticeable hollow in the seat, and when you sit on the chair seat a clunking noise will be heard, also, you will sit too low and the seat will not spring back when you get off it. This will be the same with a sofa using a rubber spring or webbing type suspension.

If snapped sofa seat webbing is left unattended, further damage will be caused to the foam interior and premature wear will occur to the upholstery. This is worse on a leather sofa, where wrinkling and an aged appearance will result. This will lead to further deterioration and expense. All of this is avoidable with a quick spring repair at your home.

Springs For Repairs

Springs For Recliner Action Repairs

The Sofa Repair Man can fix all sofa and chair seat springs/webbing on all sofas and chairs.

In our mobile upholstery repair van, we stock all types of sofa seat webbing and chair seat springs.

Even full fixed seats can be repaired at your home.

Sofa And Chair Springs

Sofa And Chair Springs

Some times though, springs snap, or webbing twangs in the back of the sofa, and this we can repair too.

We have specialised techniques and tool kits to take care of spring repairs on site.

Send a photo of your sofa and one of the affected area, along with any other info that is relevant. We will give you an estimate ASAP.