Sofa Frame Repair

A broken chair or sofa frame can be catastrophic for upholstered furniture and a cause for worry.

This is something you can not live with for long without taking any action, because, if left unfixed, the damage will spread further and tear the upholstery fabric and fillings, destroying a perfectly good suite.

What are your options?

  1. Spend your savings, or worse, get into debt and buy a new suite.
  2. Ask The Sofa Repair Man to come to your home and make a factory-finish fix of your Sofa frame in-situ, for a fraction of the cost of a new suite.

When I come to your home, I will asses the damage, and explain the solution to you, including what materials I will use and why.

Before I start working, I will lay down a large clean worksheet, and carefully place the damaged Sofa on it. Then I will, with great care, strip back the upholstery around the affected area, so exposing the broken frame.

We strip the faulty loose joint

We strip the faulty loose joint

Next, I will make a repair, using the same materials, tools, glues, techniques, and fixings – so as to restore the frame to its original factory condition with no more annoying squeaks and/or creaks.

Using the standard factory tools to secure the joint

Using the standard factory tools to secure the joint

Finally, I will re-finish the upholstery to a standard so high you will never know the sofa ever had a repair.

To top of great service, I will offer a no quibble guarantee.

So, for an at-home, factory-finish upholstery frame repair, please contact The Sofa Repair Man now.

If you would like to include a photo of the sofa and also the damaged area, I will give you an estimate ASAP.